Saturday, February 6, 2010

Memories of Kuwait during the 1960s

أعتذر عن الغياب و التمس المعذرة منكم و إنشاالله عائدون قريبا.. هذا جزء من تقرير أعددته أيام الدراسة. أتترككم مع ثقافتي "الألمانية" و اللي لازال عايش على الأطلال القومية خل يعذرنا هالمرة

Memories of Kuwait during the 1960s

The most important thing in the 1960s period that Abdullah Al-Salem signed the 1962 constitution that have born after a very difficult sacrifices by the Kuwaitis in the period before plus the wise thinking of H.H. Shiakh Abdullah Al-Salem. The constitution has moved Kuwait from the tribal society to the democratic and modern society under the umbrella of the great constitution that have published by greater Kuwaiti men’s as Homood Al-Zaid Al-Khaled and Abdulateef Thunayan Al-Ghanim and others from Egypt as the law maker Muhsin Hafeth and AlSanhoory and others.

Moreover, there is a horrible thing that happens in the 1967. After Abdullah Al-Salem passed away to his God there was a part from the Ruling Family that has an aggressive feeling against democracy and constitution. They believed that the constitution have limited their authorities so of that they have
falsification 1967 election by changing the voting boxes by others instead that increased the numbers of the candidates that under their power.

This story happens in 1967 and from that period until nowadays nobody from the government or the Ruling Family has denied it which means it happens and I believe that this attitude that happened against democracy and people desire will be written in the black history and will never forget from our minds.

أتمنى البوست البسيط حاز على إعجابكم و الأن أترككم مع هاللقطة الظريفة للنائب الدقباسي

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